Monday, August 3, 2009

Take a 4 minute breather for yourself...

Hello my friends...

For those of you who do not know, my best friends, my mother and my father are BOTH going through some serious health issues. It is both emotionally and physically exhausting. I try to stay very positive. I do affirmations everyday and I keep a gratitude journal. Both have helped a great deal. This morning on Youtube there was a quick 4 minute relaxing up beat video. I strongly suggest everyone take a 4 minute breather and watch this video. ~Brenda


  1. ooh Brenda.. you and your friends mother and father are in my prayers.
    thank you for the video. I too needed it this morning :)

  2. Brenda,
    THANK YOU for sharing this.
    Love you always Bestest Girlfriend,
    Sue Sea Q

  3. Thank you for this video...I certainly needed to watch it! Thanks for sharing and your family is in my prayers.

  4. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I truly appreciate it. ~Brenda

  5. Hi Brenda,
    I hope that yur parents are well, and doing the best they can EACH DAY, My Aroha (Love) goes out to you and your family, to have strength and faith in GOD and your own abilities, to make life worth living, but also, what your parents have already given you!!!!, you are.. them, there life. and love, and everything parents do for us, is HANDED DOWN.... for us to become better people, a better MUM, a Better DAD, a better SON< or DAUGHTER. Learn their WISDOM, they have lived longer, BUT....LEARN.. FROM... THEM... That's the wisdom to hand down to your children.
    AROHANUI (maori: for LOVE)
    Kia Kaha (Stand Strong, My Sister)
    Jude XXX

  6. Brenda.. you are in my prayers! thank you for the generous post! GodBless!
    with a grin,

  7. Hi Brenda,
    What did you get, a new baby to add to the whanau (family), Oh please share some photo's, they will make you want to scrap, you watch and see!!, all the best my friend.
    Kia Kaha

  8. Brenda, I'm glad you were able to get some peaceful time to yourself ~ thank you for sharing this with us as well! I hope all your loed ones recover swiftly and fully!

    Life's a beach. Scrapbook it.